Commercial Services

Expert Solutions for Your Business

Commercial electricians play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation and safety of electrical systems in commercial and industrial establishments including hospitals, schools and daycares. They are also skilled in handling the unique electrical needs of businesses, such as retail stores, offices, factories, and warehouses. These electricians are experienced in installing, maintaining, and repairing complex electrical systems that power machinery, equipment, lighting, and other critical components of commercial spaces. Their expertise extends to handling high-voltage systems, three-phase power distribution, and specialized electrical equipment required in commercial settings.

Some of our skill-set includes:

  • LED retrofits
  • Lighting and equipment contactor servicing, repair & installation
  • Remodels & additions
  • Showcase lighting
  • Exterior & parking lot lighting
  • Power conditioning
  • Exposed conduit installations
  • Accent lighting
  • Walk-in cooler/freezer lighting
  • Power pole installation
  • Service repair

One of the primary services provided by commercial electricians is electrical system design and installation. They work closely with business owners, architects, and contractors to design and implement electrical solutions that meet the specific requirements of commercial spaces. This includes designing efficient electrical layouts, selecting appropriate wiring and equipment, and ensuring compliance with relevant building codes and safety regulations. Commercial electricians also handle the installation of electrical panels, transformers, circuit breakers, and other components to ensure reliable power distribution throughout the premises.